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Loan without Credit Bureau without employer

In most cases, the application for a loan without Credit Bureau and without an employer results in a rejection, because if you cannot show an employer, you will not be able to make the monthly installment payments, at least as many banks think. This is not surprising, because to settle the due installments, there must always be a regular income, which is then used to make the payments.

Provide guarantor

Provide guarantor

If you have very little or no income, you simply do not have the necessary buffer to continue to burden yourself financially with installment payments month after month. The bank also recognizes this fact and therefore almost always rejects the loan without Credit Bureau and without an employer. Affected people can of course still dare to try, because reputable banks do not charge any costs for the application, so that ultimately a rejection did not cost the affected person more than a little time.

The loan without Credit Bureau and without an employer can be made possible if the applicant can provide a guarantee to the bank. This person will then be included in the loan agreement and made liable if the borrower is no longer able to meet the due payments on time.

Improve creditworthiness in the long term

Improve creditworthiness in the long term

Every borrower should aim to increase their creditworthiness in the long term so that a loan can be taken out more easily and on better terms in the future. Of course, this is usually easier said than done, but you should always request your own Credit Bureau entry in order to be able to determine whether all entries have been recorded according to the truth. The Credit Bureau is by no means error-free, which is why not all old debts are removed from the entry as it should be.

If too many of these negative comments accumulate, the Credit Bureau rating is significantly reduced, which also noticeably reduces the creditworthiness. A loan without Credit Bureau and without an employer is always realized without a check by Credit Bureau, although a negative Credit Bureau cannot be a reason for rejection, but it can of course still reduce the borrower’s credit rating.

Because if you as the applicant explicitly want a loan without checking the Credit Bureau, you usually have a negative rating – a fact that is of course also known to lenders. If there is no employer, the Credit Bureau entry is only secondary anyway, because the lack of income could not be compensated for by a good Credit Bureau rating. The only solution left here is a guarantee or a personal loan.

Is there an instant credit for everyone and what are the requirements?


Does the creditworthiness of applicants also play a role when it comes to quick credit solutions? Our contribution deals with the connection between the creditworthiness of individuals and the possibility of obtaining an instant loan.

The right instant loan for everyone – Interesting facts about instant loans

The right instant loan for everyone - Interesting facts about instant loans

Unfortunately, there is an instant loan for everyone only if the person applying for it is creditworthy. Only small loans that are checked as part of simplified procedures are literally instant loans. How the creditworthiness on the one hand and the quick credit decision depend on one another becomes particularly clear when you look at the beginnings of instant loans.

There is no such thing as instant credit since the internet has shaped our lives. There were instant loans when there were no direct banks. Anyone who wanted instant credit had to go to a branch bank to apply for their loan. Even then, it was not an instant loan for everyone, but these special offers were aimed specifically at customers who enjoyed the best creditworthiness and were able to prove it. At that time, the banks waived time-consuming credit checks on such customers. This led to significantly faster credit decisions and was also the birth of the instant loan.

The instant loan for everyone today is an online loan for loan seekers with the best score

The instant loan for everyone today is an online loan for loan seekers with the best score

Today it is mainly the score that is the basis for a particularly quick credit check. As part of the credit applicant’s credit check, each bank uses internal scoring procedures, which ultimately result in many loan decisions being made automatically by the system. Loan seekers with top credit ratings can get their loans within a few minutes. It is no longer necessary for clerks to deal with these requests. However, it must be clearly stated here that it is not an instant loan for everyone, but an instant loan for everyone who has the best credit rating and the group of people is again significantly restricted.

The instant loan for anyone who can demonstrate a good credit rating and shine with a good score is no longer approved by the clerk, but by a computer. 

Bank employees first have to deal with inquiries that do not go through automatically, it is no longer an instant loan in the sense of immediately. Loan applicants who do not meet the requirements for lending can now also expect to be rejected much faster. The credit business has become a mass business. This means that the direct banks do not have staff on site who deal with individual problematic loan requests. For this reason, for example, the self-employed and freelancers at many banks that offer instant loans are completely excluded from lending.

However, many banks give applicants a second chance by submitting their loan application to the individual case check. Often, the loan seeker has to submit additional documents or provide a solvent guarantee so that their loan can be approved in the end. Individual cases and difficult inquiries are always decided by loan officers with the appropriate competence.

The instant credit for everyone even with poor credit ratings

The instant credit for everyone even with poor credit ratings

The classic instant loans convince by the easy application, an immediate approval, with few requirements and a quick payment. This special service is guaranteed to customers with the best creditworthiness. If the instant loan is advertised online for everyone, even with poor creditworthiness, it is usually advertising from credit intermediaries that should always be used with caution. Nevertheless, there are also credit intermediaries who are very well able to provide loan seekers with an instant loan, for whose creditworthiness it looks rather bad. However, this will never be a real instant loan because it takes a while for the intermediary to find a bank that is ready to issue a loan.

Processing Fee Credit – How to compute

For this, processing fees in the order of more than 3000? raised. I received a rejection from the house bank on December 15th, 2014.

Dear Shareholders, Personalities A and A have signed a loan agreement for which a processing fee has been paid. The bank’s lawyer declined the reimbursement on the grounds that the person A had to prove the payments he had made so that the amount of the remuneration due for the person A could be calculated by calculating the quota.

Only those who have made the partial payments would be entitled to a refund, since the processing fee is part of the partial payments. Hello, we have on 18.12. In 2008 we raised a loan from our own bank and a processing fee of $ 2800.00. In the meantime I have reclaimed the processing costs with a sample letter.

Is it true that the banks are right or does she want to get rid of me?

Is it true that the banks are right or does she want to get rid of me?

I have a question: when it comes to loans, processing fees from credit institutions are not allowed and can be recoverable, but what about if a loan for a sold home is canceled early, can the credit institution charge a prepayment penalty and how much? Can she have a processing fee of 300 for each of the two loans? raise?

The house bank mentioned above reimbursed me the processing fee and the interest payments in November. On January 1, I was able to determine that you added this value to the loan amount that was still valid so that it increased by the value paid to me. Some loans have a cap and a bottom of credit. … ..

Is a refund possible in the same way as the processing fee?

Is a refund possible in the same way as the processing fee?

Can the house bank cancel the loan if the costs are recovered? The processing fee for consumer loans is not allowed under the Supreme Court ruling.

The customer bank charged the company $ 325 in 2011 for the handling of vehicle financing. In accordance with the new permanent legislation of the Federal Court of Justice on processing fees, I have already twice submitted the 2% processing fee to Inkgdiba.

Is the house bank here or is the BGH report valid? This order includes a processing fee of $ 416.95.

I received a letter from the house bank today stating the transfer fee. Processing fee. Note: Since 2009, the loan has always been fully serviced.

If the reference interest rate no longer reflects the changes in the financial market, Fine Bank is authorized to calculate an appropriate reference interest rate. Fine Bank will notify these changes three calendar months in advance.

I am not aware of the total processing fees for 2006 and 2008. Because of a long illness I can only take care of it now and can not believe that the house bank will send me a copy of the documents so quickly (especially since I am now married and have a different first and last name).

Dear shareholders, I would like to claim the processing fee for my vehicle from the VW banking group. The VW bank does not want to claim the money again. Should I ask the house bank again to reimburse the fees? In 4 loan contracts for consumer loans to credit institutions, person A paid a processing fee of 2600 between 2005 and 2010, which is to be repaid according to the new BGH ruling.

The use of the processing fee is justified in each of the loan agreements.

The use of the processing fee is justified in each of the loan agreements.

My bank withheld 1% = 750 from the loan as a processing fee. Now my question: – Is the processing fee for a change of debtor legal?

Also shown as a processing fee! Financing through the Peugeot banks. A processing fee of $ 319.10 was charged for this credit transaction. After the first decisions about unacceptable processing fees for such loans became known, I asked the house bank in a letter dated 07/25/2011 to calculate these fees accordingly.

Credit without upfront costs and without Credit Bureau

Everyone knows that banks make a lot of money by lending to private consumers. As a rule, lending is also possible without any problems if the customer is creditworthy. Loan seekers demonstrate their creditworthiness through regular income from dependent employment in permanent employment. If they can, they will meet the best requirements to get a loan from the bank. In connection with checking the creditworthiness, only the hurdle with the Credit Bureau has to be overcome. Banks in Germany obtain information from Credit Bureau from every loan applicant.

If the Credit Bureau information from a loan applicant is then in order, nothing stands in the way of lending. A problem arises when the Credit Bureau information is negative. The loan application will then likely be rejected immediately. If a loan applicant has a negative Credit Bureau, the banks are warned. You then assume that the customer may not pay his installments as agreed. The credit default risk is too high and as a result, the loan application is usually immediately rejected. In some cases, banks ask for additional collateral in the form of a solvent guarantee.

The loan without upfront costs and without Credit Bureau as an alternative

The loan without upfront costs and without Credit Bureau as an alternative

Anyone who experiences a rejection or cannot provide a guarantor has alternatives that can be used and that credit is important. For credit without upfront costs and without Credit Bureau, various credit intermediaries also offer their services on the Internet. Banks that grant a loan to consumers with negative Credit Bureau information are not based in Germany. These banks only secure their loans via the attachable part of the income and the proven permanent employment of the borrowers. However, it is only a small loan.

The possible loan amount is limited to $ 3,500 or $ 5,000. German loan seekers can apply for these Credit Bureau-free loans from a credit broker. This is exactly where the preliminary costs come into play, which are entirely avoidable. There are some credit intermediaries who require prepayment from the loan seeker. This means that customers have to pay something in advance without receiving anything in return from the credit intermediary. German consumers who want to take out a loan without Credit Bureau should immediately make sure that they contact a credit broker who offers the loan without any upfront costs and without Credit Bureau. Of course, the credit intermediaries are interested in charging a commission for their brokering work.

Borrowers only have to pay this commission if a loan has actually been brokered that was paid out. Not every loan seeker who wants to take out a loan without Credit Bureau gets this loan. It is not a loan offer for everyone. But processing the request and making an offer should always be free of charge and non-binding for customers.

Important – pay attention to the seriousness of the agent

Important - pay attention to the seriousness of the agent

Before loan seekers in desperation turn to a credit broker who promises credit even in difficult or hopeless cases, they should carefully research the Internet to select the so-called black sheep in advance. Credit intermediaries who charge advance costs are simply dubious.

If it provides the credit applicant’s creditworthiness, it is no problem to get a loan without any upfront costs and without Credit Bureau through a credit intermediary. However, the loan will always be more expensive than a comparable loan from German banks. This has to do with the higher interest rates that foreign providers charge. In addition, there is the brokerage commission that flows to the credit broker, which further increases the price of the Credit Bureau-free small loan. Because the commission is apportioned to the monthly rate, there are no additional costs for the borrower in advance.

The loan from abroad without any upfront costs and without Credit Bureau is always appropriate if a loan seeker cannot provide a surety or does not want to burden third parties with their financial problems. Anyone who does not need a credit of more than 3,500 or 5,000 dollars will find the loan with no upfront costs and without Credit Bureau an ideal opportunity to create financial leeway.